I’m fresh outta college, taking a year off before heading to graduate school. When I’m not working in a special education classroom, I’m knitting, cooking, exercising, and enjoying all things cozy. For me, knitting and cooking are big components of the cozy equation, but from knitting patterns to soup recipes, I’m never quite satisfied with the provided instructions. With a tweak here and a tweak there, the finished product ends up in one of two categories: misadventure or triumph. Wait, that’s a lie. There are two more: misadventure turned triumph or triumph gone wrong. Regardless of the outcome, most of the fun is in the process.

My wonderful, hat-loving boyfriend is quite the enabler when it comes to letting me knit hats until my fingers fall off, as is my sister. But I’m starting to branch out, embarking on projects that are way ahead of my knowledge as a learning process, rather than as an avenue for perfectionism [well, maybe a little]. Cooking is easier to share, mainly because it doesn’t take as much time to make dinner as it does to knit a hat. Even better, cooking makes a little more room for companionship, instead of accidentally jabbing my loved ones with knitting needles.  In either aspect, my favorite part is sharing something that’s homemade and heartfelt with people I care about.


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