Caffeinated and Craf-TAY

Hi hi hi. It’s been a while. As usual. My b. I’ve been putting my time to good use visiting Ann Arbor and wasting my time at home scouring Pinterest for ideas for the house I’ll be renting this August with some other newbie grad students like me.

The Pinterest thing has gotten so bad that, today, I decided I’m not allowed to pin any more crafts until I actually make some that are already pinned. Add iced coffee and wearing my pajamas until 4 in the afternoon and BAM! Craft time.

My friend Kathrine, who used to drink tea with me on a regular basis when we shared a flat in London, originally told me about this idea. Teacup candles are a fusion of two of my favorite things, so I started gathering stuff to make them a little while ago. This morning the caffeine decided the candles would be a good craft to knock off my list. A few weeks ago I thrifted a 3 white teacups, grabbed some broken crayons from the teacher I worked for this past year, and some old, mangy looking candles from home. I hot glued twine around each teacup to give ’em some more character, since they weren’t vintage-y cute with fancy gold leafing and intricate flowers, which turned out pretty well [the over all color scheme for my room will be pastels – blue, green, and teal – with more neutral tones like twine and burlap to balance it out].

The tutorial I kind-of followed called for wax flakes and special dye and candle scent. In no world would I spend money on things like that when I can get them fo’ free. I just chunked the old candles from home [one was scented already] and added a few bits of crayon for color.

please feel free to laugh at my makeshift, janky double-boiler. it worked, and that’s all that matters!

The crayon went a lot farther than I thought it’d go, so before committing to a color without testing what it looks like as a solid, I put a little white wax on the end of my paint stir and dipped and dried it repeatedly until I got an idea of the color I wanted.

I won’t insult you and tell you every step of the process, but here’s a comparison of the hot wax to finished product:

The skylight reflected in the hot wax. Accidentally awesome.

The finished product.

Me like. The idea of making the decorations for my bedroom appeals so much more to me than buying things that look nice but have no personal touch.

One craft down, at least 4 more to go.


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