Ohmygoodnessyarnsale. I’m pretty sure adrenaline was coursing through my veins as soon as I realized EVERYTHING was cheap.

A thing of beauty.

Michael’s had a huge sale on yarn last week and I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking up more projects to knit, even though I’ve already got lots of unfinished and not-yet-started projects in my queue. AH. It took me 2 hours to choose because there were SO many colors and SO many brands on sale and there was SO much excitement about patterns bouncing around in my head. [Think I’m gonna brave it and write my own simple hat pattern soon!] Aside from that, I spent a few hours with Laverne last weekend just to sit and knit together, and this week she donated that huge Bath and Bodyworks bag [the one in the picture above] full of wool to me. My glee level is insane right now.

Some knitters may scoff at mass produced, non-local yarn shop yarn, but man…soft yarn is soft yarn. Blame it on my knitting youth (I’ve only been at it for a year), but I can’t turn down cozy yarn that’s $2 a skein, even if it is mass produced. Even if I did have more money to spend on yarn, I don’t always want wool, which is most of what our local yarn shop sells. Whatever, man. I do what I want.


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