January Shmanuary

uh…happy belated New Year?

The holidays were too speedy…meaning I completed none of the knitted stuff I made/am making people for Christmas. So far, I’ve made my brother one and a half of a pair of glittens, my boyfriend one sock, and half of a project for another friend that’s still a secret. There are so many more waiting to be cast on that have to sit on the back burner! Much to my knitting projects’ dismay, I neglected them to finish my graduate school applications/give schools all my money, play Settlers and Scrabble with my family (what if there was a hybrid game of them both?!) and watch a lot of Muppets (both Christmas specials and the new movie). Oh! And I visited Noah in Ann Arbor for a whole wonderful week.

Here’s a crappy quality laptop camera picture of the glittens [that are my brother’s size, not mine]. Just to prove that I’m still alive and knitti…erm…breathing.

Until I finish more projects, it’s ah-dee-ohs, amigos. Happy January.


4 thoughts on “January Shmanuary

  1. I love this picture, very Edward Scissorhands. And I’m super impressed with you for making these. What sock pattern did you use? If it’s online will you send it to me? Mine is confusing… So far I made one miniature practice sock, and I didn’t do it all right. I put an “A” on it and put it on our rosemary christmas tree to be Athena’s stocking.

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