ONIONS, or A Chopping Method that Blew My Mind

H’ok so I’m sure this isn’t new to everyone, but it’s so fun that I’ve gotta share. Instead of dicing onions by cutting long strips and then chopping those, my friend Miles taught me this trick while we were studying abroad in London a couple years ago. Nothin’ quite like cookin’ with friends.

Cut the onion in half by the root.

Place it flat on the cutting board and cut horizontally toward the root, but not all the way through. Then make a few vertical slices on the top-most part of the onion half that still looks like a petal.

Finally, hold the onion so it doesn’t smoosh out on the sides and slice across it like you normally would from front to back. MAGIC.

Feel free to step back with your hands on your hips and a grin on your face to relish how quick and entirely neat and orderly and uniform [which equates to WONDERFUL in my book] it was to chop an onion like that. Now, please, go put it in something delicious and tell me about it.

p.s. I don’t often use the phrase “off the heezy,” but when I do…it’s Dos Equis. Christmas Eve morning I made these delicious pumpkin bars from the pumpkin puree I’d frozen this fall, but I didn’t take any pictures because the kitchen has been, ahem, off the heezy with all the holiday food production lately. I added cream cheese frosting to ’em, because really, what are pumpkin desserts without a cream cheese element?! Within hours, they were decimated by the hungry mob made up of my extended family. I hope everyone’s holidays have been just as delicious as mine!


2 thoughts on “ONIONS, or A Chopping Method that Blew My Mind

  1. I just used this technique to make guacamole for my family and it was awesome! I used to hate cutting onions, now it’s not so bad 🙂

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