Knit Earwarmer Headbands

There’s only one pattern in my repertoire that I’ve duplicated over and over and over, yet varied just as much. Say hellooooooo to winter headbands. It all started with wanting to make them for the captains of my college ultimate frisbee team, Betty Gone Wild. At fall and early spring tournaments, it’s too hot to wear a hat and too cold to go completely without. Headbands are so perfect for sports, but kind of a hassle to take on and off. I found this pattern for an adjustable cabled headband that’s easy to wear and remove, and adapted it a bunch.

The pattern makes a pretty wide headband, so all the ones I’ve made have only been 15 sts wide instead of the 21 the pattern calls for. I’ve basically ignored the given cable pattern. The first ones I made for my former teammates were all garter stitch in between the sl1, yb, k1, yf, sl1, yb border except for a smooth middle section of stockinette, on which I used a duplicate stitch to write the name of the team [Betty Gone Wild]. Duplicate stitch is alot easier/neater for adding in words or small patterns, at lease that’s what I’ve found for small patches of contrast color. You just take a needle and thread and copy each stitch in a contrasting color on top of the original stitch.

The garter stitch sections helped the headband to be even more elastic. I used a skein of Simply Soft and size 5 needles. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure gauge, but just knit the beginning of the headband on size 5 needles and ripped it out a few times before settling on the 15 stitch width. Relaxed, they were 21-23 inches, with the smooth logo portion measuring around 7 inches. For my first foray into knitting with a double strand of yarn and into duplicate stitch, I think they came out pretty well – the yarn is ultra soft and my friends wear them a lot!

The other versions of the headband I made were a little more tame, color-wise. All include cables instead of wording and use calmer colors.

I started knitting last December [this was my first project], and the first thing I’ve made for myself was this teal headband. I used size 4 needles for each of these cabled ones, the teal is Paton’s Classic Wool and the lighter ones are Bernat Alpaca. These were knit specifically to stay warm when we’re outside for recess. I work in a special education classroom and we still venture to the playground irregardless of how windy and cold the weather is, and it just plain stinks to wear a hat or headband that makes for a messy hairdo afterwards.

I made these for myself, the teacher, and the other aide in our classroom and thought it would be cute if they were all similar but had their own unique cable. I was so surprised to discover that cabling makes it look like you put way more effort into a project than you really did. Looks intimidating at first, but is easy peasy after a quick look at instructions. Mine [the teal one] is the reversible cable found here.

The light blue cable is a just braid: Each border of the headbands is comprised of 3 stitches, so I added one more in the middle sts to make 10 in between. The pattern for the braid I fiddled around with for 10 sts ended up like this:

  • All even rows: P2, K6, P2.
  • Every 6 rows, alternate between cabling 3 in front and then 3 in back (P2, K3, C3, P2)
  • Knit until about 2 inches from finished length.
  • All odd rows: K2, P6, K2

The marbled headband’s cable is a double twist with an elongated section in between, again for 10 sts, here‘s the pattern I found for it.

These are a favorite project of mine, so far. They only take a day or two to make, are easily customizable, and are incredibly functional.

Verdict? Super Triumph, over and over and over… 🙂


8 thoughts on “Knit Earwarmer Headbands

  1. Hey cutiepie! These are adorable and I love the picture of Abbey. Also I was disappointed to see you spelled ‘a lot’ wrong and then super proud when I saw that you linked it to that Hyberbole and a Half comic haha. I can’t knit worth a damn but my sister is currently making her living as a knit designer, she has some ebooks and sells patterns online but she also has some really cute free patterns on her blog, you should check out (it’s basically half patterns and knitting advice and half pictures of her weird dogs haha).
    Hope you’re doing well and Merry Christmas!
    (If you’re ever in Ann Arbor visiting that boy of yours shoot me a text…I’ll only be here for about a week and a half more though before it’s back to Ohio)

  2. Tinsley! haha I’m glad you liked it! Funny thing – if you look back to my first post, I actually linked to your sister’s blog, it’s part of what inspired me to start one 🙂 I have to admit I’ve got a pretty big knitting crush on her.

    Noah just got back from Australia last week and we got to hang out in A2 last weekend, but I won’t be back til New Year’s Eve – bummed we’ll miss you! Hope all is well with you, too. Happy Christmas, amiga.

    • haha that’s funny I guess I didn’t actually look to see where that link went! Well I’ll let her know she has a fan. I’m sorry I’ll miss you but have a blast on New Year’s! Tell Noah I said hey, and let me know next time you swing through town.

  3. Hi Katrina! I sent you a pict of yet another wonderful knitting idea via skype! I found mine at a consignment shop and wish I had one to go with every winter and fall jacket!

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