Musings of a snuggly post-grad.

After spending an entire Friday night by the fire snuggled up with Knitty, a newfound knitting blog, and the Food Network Magazine, my brain is a crazy mess of ideas and excitement. And you know what? I decided that as much as I like my little knitting binder and bookmarked recipes, I really like sharing my projects with and getting feedback from people other than just my close friends and family.

I’m not in this just to share. I’m selfishly starting this blog about my creative endeavors as a way to keep myself organized and motivated. Too many times have I cooked something I thought was ambrosial that was a mishmash of 5 different recipes for the same dish, forgetting to write down which steps I followed or ignored to arrive at the final product. Good luck recreating that deliciousness, ya punk. The same goes for knitting – what’s the point of keeping original patterns if I don’t ever follow them or add notes? Hopefully, the blog’ll keep me on my toes for documenting my digressions from written instructions and help me remember what works and what doesn’t.

After all this chatter about tweaking, I don’t mean to imply that I never come up with anything from scratch. It’s fun to create, but sometimes it’s just quicker to use pre-existing recipes or patterns as a launchpad for my own version of soup or a hat. Hopefully after a while of well-documented recipe tweaks and pattern changes, my own designs will flow a little more freely.

By no means do I think I’m an expert – I’ve still got a lot of exploring to do in the worlds of cooking and knitting. Stick with me while I delve into them?


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